Coco Pico

After working with complex aquaponics systems, I decided to design and build an eco system that does not require pumps, filters, lights, and all the electronics and power needed to automate and drive them. The one below is fresh water. I’ve also made some with saltwater. I do not add food and I don’t change the water, though I do top it off. These little drops of water are kind of like earth, they have everything needed to sustain life. Just add sunlight.

Coco Stack

The Coco Stack is an aquaponics prototype.  The water pump, lights and the small computer which controls them and records temperatures are powered by a Canopy power node.  Sticking out the top of the trunk is a pretty cool product called flower power by parrot. It measure light, temp, moisture, and nutrients.


Working for the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, I led a small team to design a way for insects to help solve a health problem.  Pit latrines are the most popular “bathroom” in the majority nations.  The problem is that many cannot afford to have them emptied.  When monsoons come, the latrines overflow.  The result is massive health problems.  By allying with insects, the latrines take longer to fill.  For more info, visit the Sanitation Ventures